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Художественная студия в Москве

Almost two hundred years Zhostovo masters have pleased us with bright vivid and beautiful colors combined with profundity of feeling for Zhostovo artworks. One can admire artworks any time but he/she could not help wondering about sources for the creation of such beauty.

Would you like to ‘dive’ into this magic world and get to know secrets and subtleties of this art mastery? Or, probably, would you like to start creating by yourself? Or, probably, would you like to become a painter and work at the Manufactory?

So, we have decided to get closer to you and opened the first and only Art School in Moscow!

Что мы предлагаем в нашей студии? Курс жостовской росписи и мастер-классы на любой вкус. Курсы по основам изобразительного искусства: «Живопись», «Рисунок». Техника «двойной мазок» – специализированный курс.


Основу нашего расписания составляют курсы по освоению и закреплению навыков жостовской росписи. Никакой предварительной подготовки не требуется, мы всему обучаем с нуля. Однако, если перед прохождением жостовской росписи Вы хотите погрузиться в атмосферу изобразительного искусства и получить крепкую «базу» художественной школы - мы предлагаем курсы живописи и рисунка. Также, у нас Вы можете изучить технику двойного мазка, используемую в урало-сибирской росписи.

Курсы «Жостовская роспись»

What do we offer at our Art School?

First of all, we train our apprentices in Zhostovo painting technique.

Scheduled master classes include your independent painting of trays; you will get acquainted with peculiarities of painting in oil techniques.

In general, you will be able to feel the atmosphere of creativity in our small homelike Art School.

For those who want to obtain deeper knowledge we provide special training in the same Art School.

In spite of the fact that Zhostovo folk handicraft has a special painting form it should be acknowledged that all Zhostovo painters are, first of all, completely and meaningfully educated specialists. In the world of fine arts there are no entirely separate trends not demanding knowledge in its other spheres. If you have not only creative powers but want to become a painter and, possibly, if you hope to be a part of folk crafts, it will be our pleasure to provide you with basics of the fine arts.

Ask a question

If you have additional questions, if you cannot make the right choice or if you need some advice, please either call our below mentioned phone numbers or fill out the form and we will help and consult you about any questions you are interested in. Please call us or write to Whatsapp +7 (903) 589-20-77 or fill out the form below.

We will be glad to assist you!

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