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Painting Course

Training course in Painting

The courses were designed to improve theoretical knowledge of art as well as master practical skills in drawing and painting. You will acquire new skills, try working in a number of techniques and with different materials, receive the knowledge which is indispensable for a painter.

The course program includes:

  • Understanding cold vs. warm colors;
  • Sketching first with acrylic paints, then with oil paints;
  • Drawing light and shadows, drawing landscapes;
  • During the course you will learn how to work with colors and apply brush strokes.

The course consists of 8 classes.

t is important to practice in working with colors before starting a painting. Oil paints are tricky; you do need some preliminary training.

UNIT 1. (Gouache painting. Fundamentals)

1st class (1.5 h) – Simple sketch.

1st class is introductory.

We will talk about how to prepare your working space and work with paints. You will learn to see true colors of objects, create shapes with brush strokes, arrange visual objects and practice in reproducing natural forms.

2nd and 3rd classes (1.5 h) – Warm vs. cold colors.

Warm colors. Transition from dark to light. Drawing light. Exercises in coloristics and creating contrast between light and shadow.

4th class (3 h. Unit consolidation) – Final still-life painting.

Final work to consolidate all the skills acquired at the classes.

UNIT 2. (Oil paints)

5th class (1.5 h) – Acquaintance with oil paints.

Switch from gouache to oil paints.

Preparation of a working space.

We will learn about gradient painting and brush stroke techniques.

Practice in painting still life.

6th class (1.5 h) – Still life objects. Sketches.

We will paint several still life sketches and practice in working with a palette knife.

7th class (1.5 h) – Final painting.

First stage of working on a final painting. We will learn how to correctly outline a future composition, make a preliminary sketch. First layer of a multi-layered painting.

8th class (2 h) – Final painting.

We will continue working on the details of your final painting.

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